Sharon Crosby

I had no problem with Doctor Smith or her staff. They were polite and on their job, each one treated me with dignity and respect and I didn't have to wait long. Looking forward to my next visit.

Lea Turbert

They were very professional and explained things well and gave a lot of advice.

Tamara Cameron

My experience has been excellent on every visit. Dr. Brown and her staff are very professional. I am so pleased with my choice!

Virginia Beard

My experience was very enlightening. I had never been to a foot doctor. They took x-rays of my feet and explained everything in detail. The Doctor and her staff were very professional but extremely patient-friendly. I would definitely recommend her practice.

Sonya Axel

When entering the office I felt comfortable. I didn't even have a 15-minute wait. Did what had to be done informed me of all tests and gave me copies of all the results.The STAFF, is friendly, I can't remember the name of her assistant, but she is very nice, she made me feel very comfortable, with all the procedures that had to be done. Ms. Smith does her job well. THANKS for YOUR service.

Novella Scott

My first visit was a very pleasant one. The staff was very courteous, helpful, and attentive. My doctor was the same as well. I really loved her bedside manners.

Hattie Glee

My experience with Dr. Smith was a good one. My big toe was hurting from an ingrown toe nail and the other nails needed clipping the result of that caused both feet to hurt when walking. After Dr. Smith cut and trimmed my nails it cause all the pain to subside and my feet felt so much better. Thank you Dr. Smith for giving me the relief I needed.

Janette Chaneey

Dr. Smith & her staff were very pleasant and professional. She was patient with my appointment and ensured that I understood the problems with my feet, I will highly recommend others to her.

Daphne Ford

The office staff were very friendly and helpful to make my visit as comfortable as possible. Dr. Brown was exceptionally wonderful. She answered all my questions and was very patient with me due to me being very nervous about my surgery.

Sonia Lockett

Great professional services, they are kind and friendly.

Will Daniels

Great customer service always. Dr. Brown has been my physician for 22 years. I highly recommend her practice.

Cheryl Sabel

Dr. Brown and her staff were wonderful- caring and professional and solved my problems in one visit!

Pamela Phillips

Professional and excellent clinic! Dr. Brown is awesome!

Monica McMeans

I love Dr. Brown. She explains everything thoroughly, and genuinely cares about the patients.

Natasha Barnes

The service rendered was timely and professional. Each step of the way, my needs were taken care of and my concerns were addressed. I highly recommend their services.

Faith Johnston

Dr. Brown and her staff have always provided me with professional and caring treatment. I am grateful to them for enabling me to once again walk with comfort as I go about my active life.

Demetria Mims

My experience with Dr. Brown and her staff was painless and pleasing. Awesome hospitality and minimum wait time. My referral comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Cindy Wood

Very empathic staff and very caring doctor. Would sincerely recommend it to anyone with neuropathy or any type of foot disorder. My orthotics are wonderful as is the cream prescribed by Dr. Brown.

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